"Fresh, smooth and bright”Harmony and delicacy with bubblesTASTING NOTES:Appearance: Visually this wine is bright and fine. It is clean and light, a pale straw colour with light metallic glints.Aroma: Mild aromatic intensity dominated by shades of white fruit like apple and pear with floral notes.Flavour: Fine bubbles that are fresh on the palate. Soft and balanced with an intense lingering taste with a pleasant, soft finish.Food pairing: This wine is fresh and delicate which make it the perfect companion for light meals, cream of vegetable soups, pasta and fish.

Cap de Ruc - White Sparkling Wine. Macabeu: 70%,Parellada: 30%. DO Catalunya

SKU: 0020
    Denomination of Origin: DO CATALUNYA
    Grape varieties and percentages: 70% Macabeu and 30% Parellada.
    Harvest characteristics: Early harvest characterised by a warm climate with little rainfall. Thermal warm year with slight thermal contrasts that give the wine its intense aroma and slight acidity which contributes to its freshness.
    Vinification: Sparkling white wine made from a select selection of wines that undergo a second, natural, controlled fermentation in isobaric and isothermic tanks.
    Ageing: Aged during 6 months on fine lees.


    • Clarified with fish tail .
    • Open filtration to add shine .
    • Bottled using tartaric stabilization

    Wine Profile: Cap de Ruc is fresh and smooth with an aromatic aroma. White fruit aromas stand out and the wine is balanced, smooth and pleasant in mouth.

    Recommendations: This wine can be laid down for 5 years.