“ The Mediterranean essence ”Tasting Notes:• Color: Intense cherry red. • Nose: Notes of ripe red fruits with notable ageing. • Taste: Fruity, ripe and good structure.

Cap de Ruc - Cava Rosé Brut Nature. Grenache: 60% Monastrell: 40%. DO CAVA

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  • Manufacturing Process:

    • Wine growing : A selection from our best estates, tillage without herbicides and insecticides.
    • Harvest: Hand picked, in order to select the grapes in their optimum maturity and maximum health.
    • Vinification: Cold maceration for about 10 - 12 hours after stripping, to get the right color and maximum fruity aroma . Cold fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a 16° - 18°C. Each of the varieties that make up the blend (Grenache and Monastrell) ferment separately.
    • Bottling (Tiraje): The tirage liqueur and yeast have been selected by our team. Bottles are placed horizontally in the darkness of the cellar at a temperature of 16°C to allow a 2nd fermentation and ageing.
    • Second Fermentation and Ageing: The bottles are kept in the cellar at least 15 months at a temperatura between 12 and 16°C. This contact time between the base wine and yeast gives it a unique personality and reserve category.
    • Movements: Automatic, using modern and efficient machinary to decant the yeast into the neck of the bottle.
    • Disgorging and final corkage: Automatic. Once the cava is free of the yeast used for the 2nd fermentation, we proceed to add the sugar(Nature <3g. / lt.), And then the bottle is closed using natural cork.


    • Grenache: 60%
    • Monastrell: 40%

    Analytical data:

    • Alcohol: 12% vol.
    • Total Acidity: 6,5g. / lt. (tartàric).
    • Reducing Sugars 0,8 g ./ lt.
    • Carbonic Pressure: 5,6 bar.


    • Conservation: Vertical position of the bottle, keep away from direct sunlight and draughts, keep at a temperature not exceeding 20° C.
    • Serve: Chilled between 6 - 8 ° C. (cool slowly in an ice bucket or at the bottom of the fridge) open a few minutes before serving and serve in tall glass of fine and transparent glass (flute type).
    • Pairing: Ideal for cocktail, cold appetizers, rice and desserts that are not too sweet.