Cava tasting & Paella

At the Cabanya de la Vila we offer you an alternative gastronomic and cultural experience combining Spanish wines, cava and paella.

During the day you will enjoy the company of a local cava and wine expert to guide you through a variety of local Catalan cavas and wines. Following the wine tasting the day continues with a typical Spanish lunch – the world famous paella.


The venue for the day is the Cabanya de la Vila, a traditional, sympathetically refurbished Catalan barn. Perched on the top of a hill, between the local woods and the river Ges, the tranquil setting offers you superlative views of the local countryside.

The day concludes with a guided tour of our famous Catalan manor house – El Cavaller de Vidra.

Some Conditions:

  • Groups between 5 and 50 people

  • To access to "La Cabanya" Jeeps or 4x4 cars are needed. If your are less than 15 we can offer Jeeps. If you are more than 15 you would need your own 4x4 cars.

  • Vidrà is 1.30 from Barcelona, so transport is needed. We offer bus service Barcelona-Vidrà and return.

BCN Nightlife Experience


Come with us to enjoy Barcelona’s nightlife. Discounted rates and skip the queue at our favourite clubs … We will avoid the tourist area! Come and party like a local!


The nightlife in Barcelona is very diverse. Here you can find all kinds of venues, from dive bars to the most exclusive clubs. Avoid the queue and enjoy special services at the best clubs. Don follow the masses - come and party with the locals from Barcelona. Enjoy a tour where you will discover the best music bars, pubs, nightclubs and more. Prepare your body for a long and intense night of partying.


Local and friendly Clubs

  • Jamboree

  • Moog

  • Others


5h service with our guide visiting some bars and pre-party, tapas bars and beers, musical bars, etc.. all local and not touristic.


The price includes a tour of the area, recommended places for dinner (depending on your tastes and budget), entrance to the clubs without queues and the possibility of buying drinks with VIP service.


We visit the training area where the Castellers professionals train every week. We will learn about the history of human castle making and the basics of how to make a human castle.


We will train with the Catalan Castellers, learn how to make a human castle and by the end of the day you will be part of your own human castle.


After the castle experience we will have a drink in a typical local bar in the neighbourhoods of either Gracia or Clot.


This experience lasts around 3 – 4 hours

BARCELONA - How to get lost:

Would you like the opportunity to break away from the typical tourist trail and discover the real Barcelona?

Enjoy our way of life, our local atmosphere, our bars, our wineries (also known as Bodegues), our backstreets, our traditions…

Everything is possible with our guide. More than a guide, he will be your friend and colleague for this experience. He will help open your eyes to a new and more rewarding Barcelona.


  • Gothic: The most famous area of the city but hidden corners and local legends to explore.

  • Gràcia: A traditional neighbourhood where families mix with students and hipsters to create a unique atmosphere.

  • Sants: An up and coming area of the city presenting the new face of Barcelona.

  • Poble sec - Sant Antòni: Provides the best tapas in Barcelona with interesting bars and wineries.

  • Barceloneta: The traditional port area of Barcelona, offering fresh seafood, bars and access to the beach.

  • Poble Nou: Unique for its local atmosphere, Poble Nou offers wineries and Mediterranean food in abundance whilst regeneration has resulted in some of the best XXI century architecture in the city.

  • Sarrià - Sant Gervasi: Originally a Roman colony, the narrow streets and small houses of Sarrià still retain a village atmosphere despite the area’s position in central Barcelona.

Half Day: 4 hours. Choose one neighbourhood from the list.

All Day: 8 hours. Choose two neighbourhoods from the list.


Cava tasting + gourmet catalan food

At the Cavaller de Vidrà we offer you a cultural and gastronomic experience of high quality regional food and drink, set in the unique surroundings of one of Catalonia’s most famous manor houses.

During the tasting of different regional products, local craftsmen will be on hand to explain the various production methods, as well as to make recommendations as to how best to enjoy them. The tastings are held in different areas of the house, each with its own character and atmosphere, to offer you a truly unique cultural and sensory experience.


The Gourmet Pack includes: local cheeses, regional specialties such as foie mi cuit and confit duck leg, Spanish hams and sausages including the most famous local product – the authentic Vic sausage. All foods are paired with different wines, champagnes/cava and spirits.

The day concludes in the Drawing Room with coffee and liqueurs allowing an opportunity for discussion with other guests and craftsmen.

Some conditions: 

  • Groups between 10 and 30 people

  • Vidrà is 1.30 from Barcelona, so transport is needed. We offer bus service.




Wine Tasting in Alella's Vineyard

Set in the mountains of Marina’s natural park, the vineyard is just 20 minutes’ drive from Barcelona. Using organic production methods, the vineyard’s wines are included on the wine lists of some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants.

The day includes a visit to the vineyard, together with a wine and food tasting experience, where you can enjoy some of the region’s most famous products and enjoy the wonderful views afforded by the surrounding landscape.

You have the option of choosing between three or six different wines to try. The price is dependent on the number of wines you choose, as well as the number of people in your party. The trip lasts for approximately 8 hours.

Choose your favourite cava trip in Barcelona


The Costa Brava is the Mediterranean coast running north from Barcelona to the French border. The best time to visit the area’s beaches is between May and October, when the sun typical shines and the water is warm.

Camins de Ronda Costa Brava:

This coastal path runs along the rugged coastline of the Costa Brava between the towns of Blanes and Portbou. It is a historic road, created to link the different villages, beaches and caves of the coast.

The day consists of 8h on the Mediterranean coast:

  1. Private car or bus journey to and from Barcelona.

  2. 4h walking and trekking experience with a professional tour guide around the secluded coastline.

  3. After the walk, an excursion to the beach to cool off.

  4. You will enjoy amazing fresh sea food and Spanish wine in a local restaurant.


This is a real sporty and local experience suitable for adventurers and foodies! We can discuss your favourite foods later and where we can find the freshest examples. Maybe paella, caldereta, grilled shrimp, clams, cuttlefish with rice ... it will depend on the season and the local catch of the day.

This is only a brief guide to the day - please discuss you requirements with us so that we can make it a truly unforgettable experience.


Some Conditions:

  • We recomend this activity from May to October.

  • Prices subject to number of people and transport.